Welcome to Ever More Perfect Eyes. I’m trying to collect my writing and thinking in one place, and this is it. I am an anthropologist and a futurist, and while I lament that Robert Textor’s turn of phrase, “anticipatory anthropology,” has just too many syllables, I’m very fond of it. I’m an Easily Distracted Generalist, following my mother and Jamais Cascio and other crazy “foxes” who’ve shaped my thinking. Despite this developmental handicap, I manage to focus on the future of how we’ll take care of ourselves, one another, and the planet. I’m currently doing that through the lens of the Internet at Mozilla.

The hodgepodge collected herein reflects the artifacts of my profession; musings on the complexities history, environments and material culture influenced by my husband, ecological and design anthropologist Christopher Avery; random rants and ramblings; and the occasional piece of fiction.

I’ve called it “ever more perfect eyes” after a quotation from Pierre Tielhard de Chardin.  You can read more about that inspiration in this early post.