This is me.

miriam avery photo by ben hamamoto


Miriam Avery is a facilitator, researcher, and foresight strategist based in the San Jose, California. She investigates the future of how we might better care for ourselves, one another, and the planet. As part of the Emerging Technologies research and development group at Mozilla, she works with leadership and teams to strengthen their capacities for sensing change, communicating vision, and making an Internet that truly puts people first. Currently her research includes identifying use-cases and technology developments in mixed reality, voice and digital assistants, and distributed computing that help users become more safe, empowered, and independent. She also works to make the creation of emerging technologies more accessible to people of diverse ages, genders, and backgrounds. Miriam holds a degree in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley.

Welcome to my home on the Internet, currently undergoing some remodeling. Over the last 12 years, my life and career have growth through a tangle of social media platforms, private websites, and the deep gray literature of workshop slide ware. In 2019 I’m embarking on an Indieweb effort to make this, possibly the most neglected corner of the Internet I identify myself with, the center of my digital life. It’s a major project of synthesis and integration. Thank you, dear visitor, for your patience with the half-cooked pages, wonky formatting, and buggy cross-posting mechanisms.

Because kinship is important, it’s good to note that I am one of Jan English-Lueck’s daughters, and married to Chris Avery.



Photo by m’frolleague Ben Hamamoto for IFTF materials.  It’s two sets of glasses out of date, but still the best. Sometimes my hair is also purple.